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That Cat Blog, Book Review

Cat-Themed Children’s Book Roundup Part 1: Matilda, The Algonquin Cat
August 31, 2016
We are sharing sneak peeks at some of the best cat-themed children’s books coming out this Fall! Our first look is at “Matilda, The Algonquin Cat,” by Leslie Martini.

New York City is full of cool cats – and one of the coolest is Matilda, resident “HCIC” – Head Cat In Charge – at the Algonquin Hotel! If you didn’t know, Matilda is kind of famous. She hangs out at the Algonquin and even has a section on their website dedicated to her! Or, in the males cats’ cases: Hamlet. You see, “Matilda” has been around since the 1930’s and has occupied the front desk in different iterations since then.

We caught up with author Leslie Martini and she shared a few sneak peeks inside the book (out in October 2016).

“Matilda, The Algonquin Cat” is the real-life story of the feline-in-residence at New York City’s legendary hotel, as told by Matilda herself. In 1932, when a stray cat wandered into the lobby of The Algonquin Hotel, kindhearted hotelier Frank Case provided him a permanent home in the hotel and the legend of The Algonquin Cat was born! “Matilda, The Algonquin Cat” illuminates the daily routine of Manhattan’s most celebrated feline while paying homage to The Algonquin’s long held tradition of hosting authors, journalists, and actors-most notably the “Algonquin Round Table.”

The hotel loves the illustrations so much they asked her Illustrator, Massi Mongiardo, to paint a mural of one of them in their lobby!

The book comes out October 4, 2016 so be sure to grab a copy when it comes out!

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Cat-Themed Children’s Book Roundup Part 1: Matilda, The Algonquin Cat


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